Why did I start running?

Thanks for joining me!

We all have someone who inspires us, right? So- lets talk about my momma. Growing up my mom ran in the morning, in the evening, whenever it would fit into her schedule she was outside logging miles. She then decided to run a marathon when I was in high school. I didn’t understand her passion for long distance running.

I was on the track team, shot put and discus, where running a mile felt like the biggest chore. One lap around the track and I thought I was going to die (far from enjoyable to say the least). I wanted to be in the gym lifting weights; cardio was a curse word.

In 2014 I committed to running a half marathon with her,  oh goodness what was I thinking? We trained together 3 times a week running a basic regimen focusing on at least one long run per week. I began to enjoy the feeling of being outside, the cool air in the morning, being active before the sun came up, and having an hour or two to chat with my mom.

Race day came and I had the goal of finishing. I knew I had put in the work in to finish, but still had my doubts. Our longest run was 16 miles in training because I was paranoid- so I had done this before. I knew I could do it! Doubt still lingered. The gun went off and I saw the 1st mile marker – looking for a 10 minute mile or so I saw I was below my time by about a minute! What?! I felt great so, I kept going which resulted in finishing my first half marathon in 1:54:17 which is an over all pace of 8:44/mile! This was far beyond expectations and at that moment I was hooked.

I had worked hard and all that hard work had paid off. Instead of the “what the heck am I doing” thoughts I was surprisingly giving myself pep talks during the race. things like “you are strong” “breathe” “keep going” kept racing through my head. I was no longer dreading the feeling of weak legs and pounding pavement. I saw this as fuel for my passion. I CAN DO HARD THINGS.

Fast forward to today… I now understand how gratifying it is to work so hard for something that can not be given, it must be earned. Have I had highs and lows? Of course! However I always return to the road, where I learned to appreciate how strong our bodies and minds can be when we let them.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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