Feetures Athletic Socks

Feetures Running Socks

Retail: $15.99



I have written about running socks before briefly- but in case you haven’t heard I didn’t use good running socks for running until I learned the hard way and got some nasty blisters. Gross, I know.

Recently I asked 10 experienced runners if they ran with athletic socks and it was a resounding – YES. So, why? what is the big deal?

  1. Running socks use technical material that will wick sweat from your skin – you do not want cotton in your socks which is what most everyday socks are made from. Cotton will hold on to moisture and lead to blistering
  2. Many Running socks are seamless to prevent additional rubbing
  3. Often times there will be additional padding if you want to lessen the impact
  4. Arch support
  5. Left/ Right specific socks to create the perfect fit

Feetures claim to be America’s #1 Running Sock. Do I think they hold up? Well, I have tried other brands but keep coming back so I would say yup they’re my favorite.

Why? First, they provide what I consider the basic needs of running socks.



Also how about that lifetime guarantee? 🙂

They are really comfortable. There are 3 levels of cushioning available ultra light, light, and max cushion. I use the ultra light and the light depending on how long my run is going to be. For anything below 10 miles I find myself going to the ultra light and anything above 10 miles I reach for the light.

Max cushion is great if you want, shocker, more cushioning but I find that they make my feet just a little too hot. That is not something for me that is specific to this brand – I don’t like thick socks in general.


To me this breathe ability is one thing that sets Feetures apart and is why I keep coming back. I mentioned above that my feet get hot. Side note this drives my husband nuts! I am one of those sometimes I sleep with one sock on and one sock off kind of people. It is a real struggle sometimes to have the right foot temperature for me…. It leads to a seriously irrational irritability. Feetures do a great job and keeping my feet comfortable.


This is a feature I didn’t know existed and I didn’t know I needed. Have you ever stopped mid run to fix your sock because you can feel your shoe rubbing into the heel of your foot? Hello, yes. Annoying! Prepare to never adjust your socks again. Due to the y construction I have noticed a little bit of separation happening at the intersection of the Y  and where the Y meets the arch way (see photos below). This happened to a couple pairs after about a year of use. It doesn’t bother me because it is so small and does not impact performance so far, but is a call out.

Stinky feet? While yes, they’re not made of cotton and do a better job at keeping the smell out, I wouldn’t say this is the answer. These are socks not miracle workers. You’re still going to have to stuff some newspaper in there or use sneaker balls on occasion if you’re a stinky foot runner. To be realistic – that isn’t always your socks fault. You have sweating feet in shoes while working out- common sense.

I give Feetures 5 stars.

The images used above in this review are from http://www.feetures.com to read more about their socks and shop visit their website! Below are some of my personal images of the ultra light and light socks.


Do you have a favorite pair of running socks?




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