Race Day Goals

I never thought I would write about this, because the picture is not pretty. However, in all reality I think it is a moment in time that defined me. More than the pretty moments, the fun moments, and the accomplishments even – I believe this is important.

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My 3rd half marathon in 2017 the worst race I have ever run to date. Like I said there are no pretty pictures, and I won’t say the actual race was a defining moment. What was a game changer was the learning that came later. After the worst 13 miler of my life I decided to kick my own butt and work toward the next thing.

What happened? Around mile 6 I felt like something split in my right foot. I had a sharp pain right down the middle from the heel to the ball of my foot. I kept running, but around mile 10 I was just drained – tired of trying to run on it and it was getting really sore. I ran/ walked the rest of the way in.

Embarrassed, ashamed, disappointed in myself I had all my excuses ready. Regardless of the situation I had FINISHED. I told myself I was going to finish and I did. No matter what it took to cross the finish line I made it happen.

That day I learned that it is important to set an A goal, a B goal and a C goal.

A Goal – stretch goal, given feeling really good what would you love to accomplish? This is what you train for and how you structure your training cycle.

B Goal – realistic goal, what would make you feel positive walking away from the event? If your A goal were to fall short what would you like to achieve?

C Goal – feel good goal, given unfortunate circumstances of some kind what would be an accomplishment?

In reality, things are not always going to go the way you want. Being mentally prepared will help you to walk away feeling great. I say this all the time but will say it again because I think it is important – so much of running is mental. The only guarantee in running is that at some point it is going to suck. Can you push yourself past that point? How are you going to motivate yourself when things get tough?

What I learned from this race was just that. Preparation, both mentally and physically will make you successful.

How do you break through mental barriers?

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